Respiratory Mask Machine

1. The respiratory mask making equipment is designed with sensors in every part from fabric feeding to finished product discharging. It will start automatic alarm system and stop running once failure or lack of material occurs. The specific problem can be shown on the touch screen, with no need of finding the reason of breakdown, significantly raising work efficiency.
2. We have professional research and development team focusing on improving efficiency and optimizing automation.
3. We have established separate electronic department and CNC department. The electronic department is in charge of development and assembly of ultrasonic and circuits, while the CNC department is equipped with lathes and milling machines to control the quality of products.
4. Emergency stop switch is designed within one meter of the machine to ensure operators’ safety.
5. Reasonable arrangement of cables and pipes, with two different colors being used to make it easier to recognize inlet pipe and outlet pipe.
1. Advanced design concept as well as proven technique that can meet requirements of different respiratory masks.
2. Printing and ink-jet unit can be added for additional function of the respiratory mask machine.
3. Strong turbo radiator is used to ensure stability of ultrasonic.
4. Mitsubishi PLC control.
5. Automatic tension control system.
6. This respiratory mask making equipment is designed with aluminum alloy structure that is attractive in appearance and durable in performance.

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