HY300-03 Cotton Puff Making Machine

HY300-03 Cotton Puff Making Machine


1. This cotton puff making machine is designed with sensors in every part from fabric feeding to finished product discharging. It will start automatic alarm system and stop running once failure or lack of material occurs. The specific problem can be shown on the touch screen, with no need of finding the reason of breakdown, significantly raising work efficiency.
2. We have professional research and development team focusing on improving efficiency and optimizing automation.
3. We have established separate electronic department and CNC department. The electronic department is in charge of development and assembly of ultrasonic and circuits, while the CNC department is equipped with lathes and milling machines to control the quality of products.
1. Materials are fed through roller for precise positioning and cost saving.
2. Separately-designed material rack facilitates material feeding and adjustment.
3. This cotton puff making machine is designed with aluminum alloy structure that is attractive in appearance and resistant to rust.
4. Our cotton pad making machine features stable performance and easy operation.
1. This cotton pad making machine is suitable for manufacturing and processing non-woven disposable products.
2. Please confirm the machine size before purchasing as this cotton puff making machine requires 1-1.5 meter(s) of safe operation space beside it. Keep the operation environment dry and ventilated.
3. Please arrange engineers to our company for machine knowledge and operation training. Technicians not trained and authorized shall not operate the machine.
4. Our cotton pad making machine enjoys 10 years’ service life if properly maintained.
Technical Parameter

Machine size





Single phase, 220V



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