About Us

Dongguan hengyao ultrasound equipment co., LTD., founded in 2016, is a set design general mechanical equipment (mask making machine equipment, non-woven products, ultrasound automation equipment), the production of various kinds of automatic mold and parts supply and sales in the integration of professional manufacturers.

About hengyao: hengyao ultrasound equipment co., LTD., dongguan city, is the result of Japan and Taiwan advanced technology concept, set 20 years industry leading advantage, focus on research and development production and sales of various types of non-woven products automation equipment. The company is invested by non-woven fabric and its automation equipment industry senior personage investment holding, the group enterprise spreads in shenzhen, dongguan, foshan, xiamen, suzhou, nantong and so on.

Scope of business: automatic flat mask production line, automatic saucer mask making machine, automatic N95 mask breathing valve assembly lines, air cushion for leaning on of machine, aviation eye mask machine, non-woven three-dimensional bag making machine, etc. At the same time, the supply of accessories for various non-woven products and ultrasonic systems. And independent research and development and transformation models, there are dozens of machine design "intelligence, human nature is changed" mechanical products are widely used in the labor insurance, health care, health, sports, hotels, airlines, beauty, and other fields.

Company philosophy: ZZ Group people will use "products first · technology first · quality first · service first" as the company philosophy. Aim to "create higher value for customers". The two decades of industry experience and transcendence let us make progress together, and we will continue to write a new chapter in the automation equipment industry of non-woven finished products.